La Perla Bathing Costumes

Scratchy and eccentric the collection La Perla swimwear designed for the ‘summer 2011, a line of costumes created for women who dare and I want to absolutely not go unnoticed even at the beach and they do it with an elegant and glamorous as it is He should be the modern woman. Swimsuits and two pieces are enriched for the summer collection of La Perla by special prints that exploit among other fantasies the animal, fashion of the year, but also colorful patterns also combined in the imagination of the color block.

There are many brands that for this summer season are realizing collections of swimsuits in which to dominate are the bright colors and youth representing a bit ‘all spring / summer 2011, we have seen both in the collections made for younger as those designed by Miss Sixty and Killah, is in another level lines as proposed by Parah, which as La Perla plays on fashion reasons but suitable for all ages. as you will see in the gallery, the proposals of La Perla love the animal , the python-snakeskin prints, but also graphics with macro shells and motifs inspired by the paintings of Brazilian artist Bratřice Milares. An artistic line as well as class, where alongside the most fashionable fantasies of the moment you will find the reasons that are become the trademark of the brand factory: geometric shapes, jewel embroidery and glamorous details to make unique your summer.