Kris Van Assche Dior Homme

Rick Owens and Stefano Pilati are not the only ones with style advice.And when it’s Kris Van Assche, artistic director of Dior Homme speaks, people listen, especially when this is interesting, amazing and practice both.

Rapid translation of these words that are worth their weight in gold.

  1. Many homes draw their collections for the podium, not the street. Then we see the clothes on a normal guy and it looks like nothing. Do not hide your personality behind the brand, then impose clothing.
  2. There is nothing more embarrassing for a man to have a disposable razor.This is good for women.Speaking of beauty, there is nothing less flattering than shaved legs.
  3. A pair of high-tops worn with a suit deconstruct the look, and it’s something important. I like the rendering of trousers on high-tops. This is the same effect that lifts the sleeves on a shirt. Just make sure that your socks go with your sneakers, not your pants. If you like black high tops, wear black socks. White, white.
  4. I do not know a single man who does not go black.Black is always good.This is the basis.
  5. You can wear a white shirt to work, to dinner, to see your grandmother, at the opera, on vacation, at the beach… This is really the most versatile piece.
  6. Certainly there an age limit for wearing leather pants, but not to wear leather jackets.  A remarkable and stylish leather jacket can be a super young. And there are many suede jackets that men can wear at any age.
  7. Do not just copy an outfit.Look in the mirror, and see if it passes. The important thing is the consistency. You’ll know by looking at you if it looks good. If not, walk out if people divert your gaze is that you missed something. Visit Ehistorylib for office uniform shirts.
  8. When I arrived at Dior Homme, you warned me.I knew it would be hard, but it was worse. In life, we need good friends. At work, you need a good team.There are so many events and small dramas in life and in the work we get lost quickly. Keep some distance with this.
  9. There was fashion beefy guys and that of-skinny is not really the right word, rather “creepy”. Now men should be athletic, healthy. Today the important thing is to find the balance-good clothes, good food and respect of his body.
  10. My grandmother told me that there were two ways to live: you can survive, and we can live. There eat dinner there and it has. She always did this small effort and I still think it is important-make the most beautiful things made all the difference.