Kite surfing

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, The steerable kite pulls the surfer at the kite from the water. Kitesurfing has become a trend sport, especially as the kiting is easier to learn than vergleichsweises windsurfing and the equipment for the new sport is cheaper. The possibility to be able to do more jumps and tricks, as with every other water sport with this new water sport is especially handy. In recent years, the safety equipment for kiting has improved enormously. Because all Kitehersteller have enriched your products to many security systems or more comprehensively improved. The potential dangers associated with kiting has decreased greatly. For this reason, security experts advise to buy Kiteprodukte because only the new security systems have been introduced around this time only starting production in 2006. Kiting, there are three important components that are essential for the equipment for this kind of sport: the Kiteboard, a bar with the safety and control lines and the kite, so the flying dragon. There are big differences in the type and size of the items for the kiting. For this reason, the equipment can be adapted to the skill level, the body weight and the strength of the wind. On the boards, there are three different versions: twin tips, directional boards and mutant boards. None of these boards has a boost as in surfboards. The drive is only caused by the water ride. Depending on the size and skills of kite surfers, there are kiteboards of 120 to 165 cm, length and width from 26 cm to 45 cm.