Keira Knightley Oscar Dresses

Most fashion look of Keira Knightley have become a reference point for fashion lovers around the world. The famous actress that in this day turns 30 he has shown a predilection for bon ton outfit and very romantic, often characterized by clouds of tulle, which looks on the most beautiful red carpet of the world have in many cases led the designers’ signature most celebrated Italian.

Keira Knightley was destined for a career in the world of fine arts already as a child, his parents are in fact an English theater and television actor and a screenwriter. He has initiated the study of acting at an early age and achieved his first great success in 1999 by participating in the cult film ” Star Wars Episode I “by George Lucas. From that point on, I arrived only successful film for her, from “Love Actually “to” King Arthur”, dall’amatissimo” Pride and Prejudice ” that earned an Oscar nomination at the age of 21, the saga of films “pirates of the Caribbean” that gave many professional satisfactions, to the more recent ” the Imitation Game ” that came close Oscar.

As you can imagine, although very young, Keira has trodden the most chic red carpet of the world for the presentation of his many films and for participation in various Awards. On all these occasions has shown a passion for fashion as a few other colleagues, immediately he showed his fondness for the creations made in Italy. See ClothingExpress for how to dress in summer.

At the Oscar ceremony in 2015 , Keira Knightley has appeared on the red carpet with a beautiful Valentino gown from a Prince, a creation in powder pink tulle inserts painted floral theme and flowers.

The Italian fashion house has taken care of her look in many other occasions, while in more recent times Knightley has often worn clothes Chanel, brands for which it has become testimonial taking over from Kate Moss to line Coco Mademoiselle.

On the red carpet at the Golden Globes 2015 the young actress came with a structured dress from the French fashion house with butterflies and white embroidery applications in full bon ton style, while Giambattista Valli and Simone Rochas signed the outfits seen during the most recent public appearances for the presentation of his films. But on several occasions in everyday life Keira does not give up bold look in biker style, often completed by their shoulder bags Chanel.

Accused more than once of being lean to the limits of anorexia, the actress continues to show off her gloved linear physical safety only in clothes and much sought-minidress, often custom made for her by big names in the international fashion system as Prada and Erdem. Take a look at the look that we have selected in our photo gallery, which is the fashion in your opinion?