Julbo Dust Zebra Sunglasses in the Test

For a long time, I was already looking for a matching glasses to the running or trail running, which should protect my eyes not only from Sun, but also from small branches or shrubs in rugged forest terrain. With the dust Zebra sunglasses from Julbo have the mountaineers me a, very popular among Trailläufern, eye protection provided to test available.

Julbo Dust Zebra Sunglasses in the Test

The Julbo dust will be delivered Zebra in a chic hard shell, which however fairly big and therefore has plenty of room inside the glasses. In addition, the dust comes with a protective pouch, so you should not scratch even when much movement in the hard shell. Also can be with so sometimes they shelled the voluminous in the backpack.

The Julbo Zebra glasses are so self ringing, as sunglasseswill says. Depending on the illumination dark glasses by itself a or again brighten and cover so the filter categories 2 (57 – 82% tint, normal shade for summer days in Central Europe) to 4 (92 – 97% tint, high mountains and glaciers). The dust thus covers a wide range of Zebra and suited for trail runners (or even mountain bikers), where the route often between quite shaded forest and open sunny terrain switches. Of the effect itself (the reactivity is according to Julbo about 22-28 seconds) you get virtually nothing in practice, but you realize that the tone in all light conditions is always optimal.

In addition to the photo-chromatic property, the glasses also have a fitting protection (inside) and are water – and stain-resistant (outside). Both work well, but the rough coating on the inside can be cleaned very poorly. The glasses of the welding are covered, it is enough just the shirt clean to wipe them. You need have a damp cloth or water again to get a clear view. This is of course very inconvenient and annoying in competitions.

The rimless bottom of the glasses, and the special shape of the glasses provide a wide field of view and a good ventilation.

The fit of the dust is excellent. The glasses sitting thanks to soft grip nose nose leg, flexible clamp and grip tech material at the end of the ironing, bombproof and still very pleasant. Whether the sunglasses sitting on the nose or on the head, even with the wildest downhills nothing slip there. The dust is so easy you forget them smoothly, if you don’t wear them on the nose, and occasionally even touch on the head will have to to see whether it is still there.


The Julbo dust is, from my point of view, in the Zebra design outstanding sunglasses for trail. You stuck in any position on the head without pressing. The Photochromatic lenses work very well. It would be better if the protection factor would be enough to 0 down. If that is even possible but self-sounding eyewear, even stretching to the filter category 4, I venture to doubt. If the forest is then but too shady, can be always have convenient and secure the dust on the head, without fear of losing her first downhill.
The only real criticism is the coating on the inside. Is here the welding set (and I’m really sweating much), so you get only very hard again properly clean the glasses without water.

It was still noted that the dust is suitable with their Zebra glasses not for driving. The glasses are too dark for road traffic from a tint by 90%.

The Julbo dust is available with Zebra for just 135 euros among others. in the shop of the mountaineers. Alternatively, there’s the dust model even in the Zebra light version (protection class 1-3) or slightly cheaper in the Spectron 3 version (no photochromic property) for less than 80 euros.