Types of Fashion Jewelry

Heat hugs and embraces the breeze this summer, jewelry also embraces. Click here to wrap yourself with body chains jewelry that suited your arms, earrings and rings and hugs you too this strong trend in 2016.


The bracelets are on the top of the lists trend for quite a while. In a season where the arms are exposed, bracelets seem to be the ideal accessory.

While still carrying on the wrist, this season we invite you to raise the height of a few centimeters more and take a little below the elbow.

Among the various styles that you can find, the most commonly used today are thin bracelets that can be used alone, in twos or threes.

One of the strongest trends is arrow-shaped.

There are very thin and super thick and although the bracelets with exaggerated details are still fashionable, the most wanted are the simple metal, with few details and textures in a sober added metal or precious stones.


How? For the ears? You are right. This is a trend increasingly seen and that makes his triumphant return from the 80 and 90. If you’re not willing to give multiple piercings to your ears but adore how they look Shines several earrings at a time, then opt for earrings envelopes.

With a “skeleton” support, you can simulate drilling simply adjust these earrings to the part of your ear you want.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of having one big piece but you do not want to suffer doing the necessary to take several earrings piercings, you can choose models like the floating style, where a piece is subject to the other (e.g. a piece in the lobe and another in the helix) by a small, thin chain or a very thin metal bar or simply choose the models where pieces are individual and can be placed in the desired amount of the ear most like.

In this case also, the style that takes is the simple and pure metal but can see parts more striking details such as colored stones or pure and transparent crystals that allow you to take the trend in a variety of looks . Also for the arrow style earrings used.


Continuing with the surround models, there are also fashion jewellery sets that embrace your fingers as a unique and flashy ring.

The rings cocktail , these large rings and striking that capture our attention for several seasons without making any feints to lose the top trend, are making room for a new model.

These enclosures accessories two, three or more bands are ideal for a touch cool and renegade but elegant style to any outfit. About the already named skeleton you will be many different models, from the smallest and simplest rings to designs that rise and cover most of the finger taking inspiration in the world animals , in the leafy branches of trees or clean lines geometric.

If you think the “skeleton” can limit the movements of your fingers (you can actually do this), you should not give in and give up the trend. Many rings wraparound style may be one, two or three pieces that can be individually both on the same finger as several at a time and create the effect that gives the same piece.

How could it be otherwise, style trend arrow is also among the rings.