Jewelry for Children

It’s October and we know that is celebrated the sweetest children’s day. The girls like dolls, clothes, accessories and everything to look more like her mother or other adult reference; play with the jewelry, makeup, love to imitate a model parading, taking pictures, mimic singers in front of the mirror and go as far as creativity let. Faced with so many options that exist today for the kids, it’s hard to pick out a gift, but a gem always reveals himself as a good choice. The jewelry for children are delicate, light, fluffy and can be used for a long time. The girls are more vain, each day they pull more than fashion, beauty and are super cool with technology. What’s great is to do all this (no commit excesses), without leaving childhood aside.

How to Choose Children’s Jewelry

Before you give a child or a baby with a jewel, need to have attention and critical care. When choosing a play it is important to check the safety system (latch), to prevent the baby or the child may get hurt or even swallowing the jewel. The NGO children safe suggests wait the end of the oral phase of a child to present her with a piece of jewelry, since they may try to remove and take us into this new object out of curiosity. There are earrings with machine heads (baby) rounded and with only one hole (allowing only the input pin’s), so that the PIN does not exceed the die and hurt the child. For both newborns and for children it is important that the jewel is Gold (anti-allergic), so there won’t be any inflammation or irritation of the skin. It is very important that the jewel is comfortable and lightweight so as not to prevent the child practice activities and movements you like. Doctors specialists in Pediatrics recommend that the earrings are sterilized to not provoke allergies and to avoid the acquisition of rings for small children, since this item can be easily removed, causing risk of choking hazard.

Suggestions of Jewelry For Children

In choosing the jewelry for a child or baby, mostly moms go crazy with so many options that the market offers. Are earrings, bracelets, pendants, tiaras … each piece more charming than another. There is a wide variety of items with children’s themes and worth researching before buying, because for every age there is a suitable type of jewelry. Some parents buy these treats from a very early age, are usually spinning rims or bracelets when the child is born. Give some interesting suggestions for letting the kids even more beautiful and stylish.

The cool jewelry designer Lica Vicenzi produces jewelry for children of all ages. She has created a unique line for children, Liquinha. Developed the collection “child’s play” and recently released the creative collection “writing your original son”, in which the children write their names on a sheet of paper and from then on, she plays the script for a very unique jewel.

Another great designer well known for custom jewelry is Fabi Malavazi. A row in 18 k gold of your creation was released with the name “Jewelry Collection to read”. The pieces come in themed boxes containing a small book inspired children’s tales.

The HStern also features a solid line of jewelry for children. The prestigious jewelry jewelry jewelry since traditional to more modern detached and running away from the obvious. Are jewels that offer complete safety, comfort and quality to a child or baby, beyond beauty and delicacy. So cute, it’s hard to resist.

If you want to learn more or give a child with a beautiful piece of jewelry, please visit the websites of Lica Vicenzi, Little Fabi, HStern and Meet the most varied items available exclusively for them.