Jewelry Factory Handmade Jewelry

Jewelry factory is a factory in Ratingen. There, exceptional jewelry pieces are made of high quality. The focus on the use of pearls and diamonds.

History of jewelry factory
Jewelry factory was founded in 1994 by the husband and wife Heike and Markus Schmidt in Ratingen. The workshop is located in the historical premises of an old paper mill by 1852. Already, the idea of the first jewellery line by Markus Schmidt was a success, so that an employee could be made already in the first year. The team to more staff was expanded in subsequent years. Today, jewelry factory cooperates with distributors in Europe, America and Asia. Renowned jewellers and goldsmiths offer the creations. Overall, there are over 300 shops, which can include the manufacture of Ratingen to their customers. The goal of jewelry factory is always that women jewelry experience with all your senses, that they like to wear it and feel comfortable with.

The design of jewelry factory
The jewelry pieces are individually. They follow not a specific form, but are an expression of craftsmanship and creativity. Very often, pearls and diamonds are used in the creations. The collections differ from each other and carry names such as cloud, rattle, ball, crystal clear, Saturn and kiss. Jewelry series cloud such as beads in the foreground stand. They look like small bubbles on the jewellery. Diamonds used in the collection, however, Kiss. This line not as playful as the series has a cloud, but straightforward and elegant according to

The Medusa collection of jewelry factory
One of the lines manufactured by jewelry factory bears the name Medusa. The jewelry through his appearance is reminiscent of the eponymous mythological female figure with her tangled hair. The collection has existed since November 2012 and is neither playful nor elegant, but has a rocking touch. The rings and pendants have a clear outer shape, but confusing and mysterious. 2013 presented the rings of this new line of jewellery at the inhorgenta. It was held from the 22 to 25.02.2013 in Munich and is the second largest jewellery fair in Europe.The rings act as if the design with a mess. The jewellery consists of fine stainless steel wires, which writhe and devour each other and result in a compressed whole piece. The steel is also provided with black PVD coating, that visually highlights a rock touch. You can get the rings solo and optional with an inlaid Tahitian or freshwater pearl, or 3 or 5 inlaid diamonds. So the topics of jewelry work find themselves again.