Jewelry – A Vital Element Of Fashion

Jewelry-decorative piece , made of metal, precious stones used in a person. She can play various roles, such as decorative, functional and as a part of the wardrobe, such as skirt, for example.

Jewelry – A Vital Element Of Fashion

Mostly it is used to express itself and to emphasize beauty.

According to 3rjewelry, the concept of jewelry as a thing, certain and absolutely dependent on the costume, became a part of our consciousness. Everyone, including experts – critics, artists and even manufacturers – perceive jewelry as a garment.

If we depart from the usual consumer principle and look at the jewelry businesswith a little more breadth – as an art, we will easily notice that it is not so simple.

First of all, as you know, the decorations appeared long before any dress and have turned directly to the human body as a container of their soul, in a figure as the unit of volume.

When a dress appeared, the new types of jewelry began to form-brooches to fix the edges of the mantles and layers, belts with buckles, draped folds of the tunics and later-closures, buttons, etc. This is clearly seen in The works of jewelers of the ancient world-Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome.

The picturesque monuments of the past provide an excellent opportunity not only to learn about the traditions and forms of jewelry and costumes, but also to restore the identity of its evolution. Appearing after the jewelry, the clothing was developed in the same way. He also focused on the human body as the container of the soul and its form as an object. For a long time, dress and jewelry, developing into a harmonious unity, became mutually enriched. Although today it is difficult to understand this, but for the people of that time a man without jewelry, decorations, was equal to a man without clothes.

When choosing a piece of jewelry, you need to think about how it complements the costumes and style. Jewelry is a part of the whole look, creates a continuityand is not just a separate element. It gives the finishing touch, as every little detail that is part of fashion. Today the importance of detail is crucial, no matter how small, the main thing is the value given to the look, the ability to be in harmony with a dress. Even the cheapest jewelry pieces can make clothing and clothing begin to have meaning. Each ring, necklace or earring can make any garment stand out.Thanks to jewelry you can make your look more expensive than it really is.

The elegant jewelry holds his position with confidence, along with other accessories. All these necklaces, brooches, rings, bracelets always play an important role in creating the complete picture and the style selected.

For example now, it is no secret how relevant is fashion jewelry made of natural stones preferably in irregular shapes, which appear to have been left half-way in the process. In any case, the materials of which the feminine jewelry is made are so diverse that it is impossible to confine only stones. The recognized trend is the vastness, so you can use great jewelry without fear: necklaces, bracelets or rings of any material, as long as they are large. The main thing is to keep the limit and not overload the image of great details. For those who do not love large jewelry, there are layers. Fashion jewelry is very democratic, we can feel confident combining fine chains, beads and necklaces and creating new types of jewelry.

All this jewelry is definitely created to adorn the woman and complement the desired image, but do not forget that everything is moderately good. Feel free to experiment and create new images to be always different , but being elegant.