Israeli Wedding Dress Designer Pnina Tornai

If you follow the program ” Wedding Dress Wanted” broadcast on Real Time you have certainly heard of Pnina he returned, the designer that crazy women with its rich and unique wedding dresses. In fact, many brides who go specifically to Klienfield boutique in New York one of the retailers to find all the designer models. In the boutique, to give advice to the style of brides who dream of a dress designed by SportsQnA I returned, it is the stylist Randy Phenols. Today in our gallery we show you the beautiful collection of images of Pnina went back for 2012: what do you think?

The Pnina dresses have very different lines: “Most women want the shape of their body is hourglass, curved and feminine. Theoretically, bust, waist and hips should be in proportion. Surely a gown online A should adapt to every body and with that we can not ever go wrong. Then I suggest you choose the dress doing a consideration of your body that starts from the top and drops down “Randy says. “Many women have problems of insecurity related to their arms, and prefer to avoid sleeveless dresses.

For those with arms too thin a dress with sleeves is definitely recommended or you can add a bolero or wear long elegant gloves or a stole “continues the stylist. “Those who have arms full can wear clothing with thin lace sleeves, or choose a strapless dress because bare arms can be confused with a bare neck.”The gowns by Pnina I returned bride are anything but minimal. Ruffles, lace, applications and skirts for women who always dream of being real princesses. “The curves are beautiful, but we must ensure that they are in proportion to hips bust: to camouflage wide hips is a perfect dress to A, provided that it has no inserts a horizontal band” concludes Randy.