Iphone 6s Leak: Photos Confirm Final Design

Out takes still several weeks before the new iPhone 6s and the official successor to the iPhone 6 from Apple is presented. However pictures surfaced now, which should show the design of the new smartphones.

The Apple blog 9 to 5 mac published the photos, which should come from Apple’s suppliers. In the pictures there are no innovations to detect at first glance, as elishui says. Thus the conjecture is confirmed, that is the Apple iPhone 6 as well as the iPhone 6s differ visually. The dimensions are the same. All connections are located at the same place and Oh the typical details, such as the material of the chassis or the lines made of plastic for the antennas, continue to exist in the existing arrangement.

Differences When Compared To The Apple Iphone 6

But inside it is not 1:1 as in the previous. Namely, Apple changed the arrangement of brackets and holes where the various technical components are attached. Details on technical innovations not are also still available. Biggest innovation is considered to be the force-touch technology, which will employ Apple supposedly for the first time in the iPhone 6s. It’s about a system of pressure-sensitive display. Apple’s keynote is expected to introduce the iPhone 6 s next September. Until then, there is some information about the new hardware with safety, the Apple used in the iPhone 6 s.