Introducing a Dog to Another

Posted by Raquel Bersano in January 8, 2014- 1 Comment

Already have a dog at home and decided to have another? To avoid fights, it is necessary to introduce them amicably before, since the former may feel jealous of new friend and want to defend the territory that initially it was just him.

First of all, the dogs must be submitted outside of their territories and show that you are the leader, so that everything works out and don’t leave any fight.

What to do?

Choose the location
Make the presentation of pets gradually and in a neutral location, not very familiar to them. Can be in the street, for example. Each dog gets in a sidewalk, controlled by a driver guide, in a sufficient distance for a do not induce the other.

Show the command
Be firm in pets. Each can give quick glances at each other, but not to stare blankly or pull the driver. If the dog does what should not, give it a yank on the Guide, to cause a discomfort and a little scare. If he insists on stare, try distract him with toys.

Reduce the distance
Slowly go by reducing the distance between the dogs, walking side by side in a single direction, preventing both face. If there is any sign of hostility, the walk should be discontinued and the training will resume the first round. The procedure ends when the approximation of dogs during walking is such that they stand against each other and remain peaceful.

Fights between dogs
The risk of any fight is small, but it pays to be cautious and be prepared to stop a possible incident.