Instructions: Manicure for Manicured Hands

Manicure for manicured hands: we show you step by step everything you need to know. our guide enables the mani in the blink of an eye!

Manicure-So Succeed Perfectly!

Now in the summer are all colourful. The finger-and toenails dress in bright clothes. Of course we do and of course it should be perfect.Manicure like by the Pro-this works at home. We give you the best tips about manicure, we have ever heard, and show you a video tutorial step by step what you need to be aware of when the manicure.Also we tell what nail forms for the manicure trend are now and what tricks can apply it so that the paint is beautiful long-and how you can let the nail polish dry faster you. We have a few tips on what you should look for when the manicure nail Studio and how you can do something for your hands with the right care overnight. Here is the best Manual for a perfect manicure in 10 steps! Plus: painting with links-so is it perfect!

Manicure Tip 1: Which Nail Shape Is Trendy?

Extremely angular yesterday. Now the nails go beyond three to five millimetres over the fingertip, run to front almond-shaped and areelegantly roundedat the corners. This nail form stability by the way the best for the nail, it is too narrow and tapering filed, he bends slightly and tears-mostly there where it really hurts, on the nail bed.If this form is too inconvenient for you, you can wear them but also very briefly and somewhat square file the pages at the next manicure.For both variants the bow history as possible on the form of the Nagelbetts vote – so the result is particularly harmonious.

Right File Manicure Tip 2: When The Next Manicure

So we go right: best wait until the length is annoying, but cut the nails regularly. as a general rule: better shorten the nails with a file instead of a pair of nail scissors. It has the most sensitive direct influence on the nail with the nail file. If you have healthy nails, can use in between a fine-grained flexible Sapphire file. In fragile, shattering nails padded files with very fine-grit get better; but they indulge in too much pressure.

Glass nail filesare an alternative. You place also soft nails through the rough, but otherwise absolutely smooth surface gently in form, does not wear out as well and easy to clean under running water. Not to reduce, but to seal the nail edges with brittle nails taking best mineral files. These are files of fine pressed silicon particles that rub when filing in the nail and really seal it.

Manicure Tip 3: Varnish

1 so which color adheres well, only with beauty nail polish remover, degrease the surface.

2. to stain to prevent, you then apply a nourishing base coat. Let dry for about five minutes.

3. When bright Nail Polish , a layer is sufficient. Dark colors you should at the manicure, however, twice apply–wait in between about four minutes.

4 ten minutes after the last layer of the upper paint can be applied. It protects the nail polish and gives more shine. The first minutes after applying the varnish is particularly sensitive-therefore you should not touch it at this time. It comes to a footprint, help products that dissolve the paint and smooth again.

Tip by David Fowler, nail art designer of Maha cosmetics, which is a regular at the fashion shows in New York, London, Paris and Milan in.

“To distribute the color pigments, briefly between the palms of the hands back and forth rubbing the closed bottle of nail polish. Do not shake, or enter small air bubbles in the paint. Then you cut off once the brush and begins painting: start in the Middle, then come the sides. So that the color does not run, always about a millimeter space to the cuticle can be.”

Manicure Tip 4: Colors For The Finger

Nail polishes are the new it-bags for the finger: currently green and blue shades as well as nude and pink-and natural terracotta are particularly popular. This summer, but also white is increasingly on the finger nails. Tip: With a special coating for parent you can give a matte finish any paint. Always beautiful: Subtle nude shades in milk white, Rosé or beige. And for those who like very pure: nails either on high-gloss polishing or brush on brightening nail Whitener–to effect such as brand new!

Manicure Tip 5: Manicure With The Professional

Anyone wishing to make the nails is not itself is best in a nail salon. In the choice of nail salons, care should be taken in any case on the hygiene :

Are your hands disinfected?

Their hands disinfected the beautician?

Is she wearing gloves? (In some States provision)

Tools are sterilized, or land it right back in the stand after use?

There are fresh towels?

Are the pads washable?

Is the room clean-no dust, no small stuff lying around?

Manicure Tip 6: Beautiful Hands Overnight

Formerly were the hands before bedtime thick greased with Allzweckcreme and thin cotton gloves top, today there are extra special night creams for the hands. With or without gloves: these creams are usually particularly rich and want the skin in their several hours rest with compensating plant extracts and oils to help regeneration .

Manicure Tip 7: Against The Signs Of Aging

Also new is the Division of the Age creams for the hands. Their secret? They contain lots of age compounds (E.g. from olives or soy) in addition to an extra large portion of cell protective free radicals. UVA and UVB light protection filter (LSF) are often incorporated; in the cream because one of the main factors for the premature aging of the skin is Ultraviolet light. Mulberry or licorice root extracts, which easily should lighten up already existing pigmentation into many anti-age recipes also.

Manicure Tip 8: Manicure With Bio-Touch

Natural ingredients are in the trend, Green-tea extract about or smoothing argan oil. Some vendors look even on Certified eco quality.

Whether organic or not: it is important that the nails at the hand lotion will not be forgotten. And that nails that break easily, especially well-maintained whether nail oil or cream, is a matter of taste. Nail Polish and especially the Remover dry out the nails always. Who’s constantly torn, brittle nails, should therefore prefer for some time without painting or at least regular paint breaks with intensive care.

Manicure Tip 9: So The Nails Stay Healthy

Healthy nails need much zinc, vitamin A, B vitamins and biotin. These substances occur especially in oatmeal and Turkey (zinc), carrots and apricots (vitamin A), broccoli and spinach (B vitamins), eggs and soy beans (biotin). Iron deficiency is often an indication for brittle nails, iron supplements or pills can remedy with biotin.

Often, changes to the nail be justified with deficiencies. But the famous white patches are not due to calcium and protein deficiency, but E.g. manicure error. The stains a lack of fusion of the nail plate with air storage is responsible for often, appearing milky white due to the changed light reflection. When cross bands take over the nails (an indication of bacterial damage) or striped, dark pigmentation (at worst skin cancer), a doctor should be consulted to be sure.

Manicure Tip 10: Hand Massage

Wonderfully relaxing you can with a quick hand massage, best of the best friend or favorite administered. For this purpose some hand cream on the back of the hand spread and gently rub between the bones in the hand from the wrist to the finger tips. Then the skin between the knuckles of the hand gently and massage in a circular motion. Then easily rotate your thumb over the back of the hand. Now the hand turned around and the Palms kneaded with strong, circular pressure movements down to the tips of the fingers. At the end of the hand gently delete, then massaged the other hand with the same movements. The hands will appreciate it-they feel soft and are thoroughly relaxed!

And Still The Most Beautiful Nail Polish Trends Of The Summer 2016 Are:

Sea sounds are absolutely in fashion this summer. Shades of blue, blue-green tones and pastel green. Also, shades of Rosé – the PANTONE trend colours “Rose Quartz” and “Serenity” can greet.Totally in vogue on the nails is a cool white. And the counterpart, a matte black. Still seen: all beige, Greige-and brownish grey tones.Upcoming is the trend color of terracotta.

Und weil wir nicht nur schöne Fingernägel haben, sondern auch unsere Füße sommerfit machen wollen, gibt es hier die perfektePediküre-Anleitung.