Inspirations for You to Hit the Look with a Cap

piece whose earliest versions, still primitive, refer back to Ancient Egypt. Yes, the cap is crown, but it’s dry! Some waters rolled between being the darling of sports (baseball was one of the first to adopt it) and of those who did activities in the sun and an indispensable fashionista accessory: in the middle of it all, the gang of rap and hip-hop adopted it And became one of its best representatives.

The fact that rappers to date are the guys who most dictate trends when it comes to cap. They started this story with a straight flap, with a cap and a label, and they brought back the snapback (that open and adjustable model back) back in the 90s … But the accessory is democratic and goes with the most varied styles, besides injecting joviality In production. And you, have you adopted it day by day or are you in doubt how to use it?

We set up this mural of inspirations for you to take courage! Realize how nowadays the cap goes with everything, even with looks more neat or cool. From the basic color neutral models(great for those who are starting to take risks) to the colorful and full of details, from the straight flap (favorites of the fashion class) to the curved flap (from the rocker footprint): there is a model ) For you – and a thousand great ways to use it.


We must admire a piece of the wardrobe which the first versions, still primitive, refer to the Ancient Egypt. Yep, the cap is old, but gold! Between being the darling of sport folks (baseball was one of the first) and the ones who enjoyed activities in the sun and becoming an indispensable fashion accessory a lot happened. In the middle of it all, the rap and hip hop class adopted the cap and became one of its best representatives.

Fact: rappers are ’till today the guys who set trends when it comes to caps, like straight-flap caps, caps with labels on and the 90’s snapback (the one with an opened and adjustable back).Anyway, the accessory is democratic and works with a variety of styles, making any outfit look younger. How about you? Are you a cap enthusiast or are you feeling a little unsure about pulling it off?

Well, here’s the mural of inspirations for you to start wearing caps today! Note how this accessory goes with everything, even an uptight outfit. From basic pieces of neutral colors (great for starters) to full of details and colorful ones, from curved ones (with a rocker vibe) to the straight-flap cap (a fashion favorite): there is a cap out there for you, and A thousand ways of styling it.

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