Inspiration of the Day

I think since I publish here on Remobília, no post was so applicant as turn glass bottles into decorative objects. Yes, I’m sure they come here more often than my beloved pallets and crates.

But that’s a reason being you lover or not, a good wine always table, cold beer, or bottled juices, no matter, will always have a glass bottle to go around, ready to be something more in the decor of your crib , huh? And that is why they appear so much around here.

Right at the turn of the year, I tried to start my search for new ideas and thus renew my inspirations Gallery. To my surprise, in the end, I found another pretty idea, which although not applied in glass bottles, is a find anyway, for our inspiration of the day.

If everything can be more beautiful, the flasks have your House’s antiguinhos. That’s what a tomboy of handful Cristina Bottallo, was invited to by the staff of Make magazine.

According to Novowaterbottles,  here are some important tips if you want to transform your thermal bottles too!

Using your characteristic traits and illustrations, she took 4 thermoses and turned into decorative objects super cute, that everybody can have.

To see more details of the whole process is just enter here and also know a little bit more of that story.

Already know, questions and suggestions to the agenda just write here in the comments.Kisses!