Indian Summer: the Most Beautiful Watches for the Autumn

A little bit wistfully, I am already at the thought that the next summer is still months away, the warm season is more to me than the cold and short days. Nevertheless, it comforts me that the autumn also has its beautiful sides, especially when the nature has a bit of the Indian Summer.

 This natural phenomenon, which occurs in North America, is dominated by a magnificent play of laurels, which is flanked in combination with late-summer warm and sunny days. Again, the leaves color more and more from day to day and shine from gentle yellow tones to deep red-brown discolorations before the leaves leave the trees completely into a kind of winter sleep. How nice that one can conjure his Indian Summer to the wrist even with not so optimal conditions. Bracelets and dials ranging from olive green to rusty to a soft yellow are a fashionable theme this autumn.

Normally, I am always more of a classic type and prefer the standards like black leather bracelet or stainless steel in silver or rose gold. Now I was curious, however, what the watch world has so thought up and I am very enthusiastic. In fact, all the colors are matched with the classic Indian Summer. Jewelery is also represented, where, of course, rose gold and gold are dominant. The chains and bracelets are worn with pendants of leaves. With the pieces of our trendy rubric you are definitely well equipped for a golden autumn.