In the Footsteps of the King’s Road

You could call OK, the weather as “excellent” or “top”. But what solls. Finally, the saying applies to all outdoor enthusiasts actually generally: “there’s no bad weather – there’s only the wrong clothing”. In addition to this, also the setting plays an important role. And on this it should not be wrong now truly. You noticed the anticipation of the team at the breakfast buffet right away that sparkle in the eyes, that was brighter with each passing minute that the first tour grew closer.

At 9:00 we met together with the Thomas Burgschwaiger, our guide for the next day, and the entire team to come closer with the bus towards the tip of the High King according to

Our day stage started on about 1200 meters height under the Hochkönig massif and listed to us on various slopes, picturesque backdrop, to Erichhütte, from the beautiful views Rocky seas and pastures were had. Described above already, we had less luck however with the weather. Changing winds, and intermittent rain and a tiny splash of sunshine formed the weather cocktail of the first day, which thanks to the great atmosphere in the team and a fantastic team performance kept still its sweet taste. But ultimately even the clothes this wellbeing had a significant share. The outdoor brands and top manufacturers such as Jack Wolfskin, mammoth, The North were face, VAUDE and LOWA on almost all clothing items. It showed that it not only looked but also held what they promised. None of the team members complained after the arrival at the hotel on wet or leaking clothes or water in your shoes.

Arrived to the Erichhütte you settled well go’s for a cup of tea, a coffee or a beer. Here the participants decided to drive back to the hotel with the bus or to exit the trail on their own feet, ultimately which meant a further strapping and a half-hour descent. In the rain, with a super moral and a good mood, the majority of the participants made to foot on in the direction of the Vitalhotel Post and of course also towards the well deserved shower that everyone was happy. The route took us on slippery roots through painted Woods, creeks and along juicy meadows ever deeper into the Valley. It were thanks to our experienced guide ‘Chef’ Burgschwaiger never voted the “normal” way, but remote-mounted ways emphasis on natural trails, that showed how this unforgettable stamp on the hike.

Exhausted from the hike, everybody on the mandatory afternoon snack, where in addition to coffee and cake the experiences of the day – partly were refurbished under wild Gestikulierungen and ear-splitting laugh -, before a majority of decided for the visit of the wellness area with sauna, swimming pool, steam bath, solarium and relaxation rooms rejoiced after the arrival.

Evening entertainment was in the sign of the phenomenal food (6 courses) and the subsequent traveling cinema on the edge of the bar by together again, we looked at the shot images of the day. With a beautiful glass we had wine or draft beer finally this beautiful and eventful day out.

Oh, and did you catch it? I have a little fibbing when the number of participants. I’ve embezzled you not evil, but one/two information. So also the Labrador “Gimli” by Nadine Mandler, a speedy new earthlings, which lies dormant in the belly of its mother Verena and sees the light of day in about 1.5 months accompanied us on our tours. MOM and dad were excellent on this tour.

Tomorrow – the walk from hotel to hotel.