In Review: Solar Led Light Big Globe

A long summer evening in the garden is always beautiful. So you can relax and enjoy a warm and sunny day. With the more and more popular solar lights for the garden you can also have a cozy light.

In Review: Solar Led Light Big Globe

Solar LED Garden Light Big Globe By Heitronic

As an example of a garden light, I test the spherical Solar LED garden light Big Globe by Heitronic. This has a diameter of 20 cm and a plastic-like body similar to milk glass. According to hetongdiy, the solar module is integrated in the body, as is the battery, which can be replaced if necessary. This requires standard AAA batteries.

No Wiring Is Required For Solar Lighting

For garden lanterns with solar energy, no complex pipeline has to be laid, only a sunny installation location is necessary. However, if shadows fall temporarily on the lamp, it is not tragic, but it still shines at night.

For installation, the switch must be operated at the bottom of the lamp, but it is not possible to see whether the lamp is switched on or not. In doubt, you have to wait for the first dawn and see if it is lit. Then two small plugs for fixing the lamp must be plugged into the ground and the lamps can be placed in the selected location. Despite these rather small plugs as feet the lamp stands stable at their place of installation.

Solar LED Light Big Globe Shines Reliably And Brightly

With the dusk, the lamp turns on automatically and lights up to five hours, depending on the charge level of the battery. The lighting time I could not check, since it is then in the middle of the night. The light of the two LEDs in the lamp is indicated by daylight white (4000 K) and is slightly cool compared to the surrounding lights. For this purpose, it illuminates reliably and substantially brighter than the other ball lamps in the garden.

The Solar LED Garden Globe light from Heitronic tested here is therefore a simple and elegant solution to illuminate the garden. It is simply installed, goes automatically and lights reliably and bright. Small drawback are the small plugs and the missing possibility during the day to check, whether the lamp is on or off.