Importance of Light in The Workplace

How often have we heard as children, that we under the duvet spoil our eyes when reading with a flashlight. Just as we have heard, that we should just sit. The well-meant admonitions of our parents are gone somewhere verschütt, because now we are grown up and have frequent back problems or after a long day eyestrain.

The ergonomic office chairs are healthy, many companies have recognized, but that light, an important health factor is, despite the numerous reminders flashlight, often not taken seriously enough.

Light plays an important role for life and people. Without light, no photosynthesis and no oxygen.Even in the Bible in Genesis 1.3 states: “God said, Let there be light. And there was light. “Besides the fact that we would not exist without light, we could not see without light. Light and darkness determine our daily rhythm. Light is the basic requirement of photography. In the film, the lighting is an important aspect. In art there is an eternal play of light and shadow. Our language is full of phrases like “to put into perspective” in ignorance “someone is in the dark” or words such as enlightenment.

A hundred years ago, people have spent 90% of the day outdoors, in the industrialized countries there are now only 10%.

Lack of light affects our psyche. The winter depression , for example, is not only a consequence of the short days in countries such as Scandinavia, Russia and Canada.

Even in the workplace, the right lighting is important. Poorly lit jobs lead to headache, pain in the neck, fatigue and lack of concentration.

Here are the requirements that must be placed on an illumination of the workstation, also depending on the age and the responsibility of the user. An elderly person needs 5-6 times as much light to read and write to, as someone who is beginning 20th To ensure the ergonomic requirements for a computer workstation, the development of the course was quality criteria DIN 66234 developed. It is among other things important that the lighting is adapted to the physical work field.

The company Luxo (new name Glamox Luxo Lighting) is dedicated to since 1937 ergonomic lighting concepts. The architect lamp L-1 is one of the products that made the company the top even 70 years ago.

Since then continuously developed, then bring to the target, the right light where it is needed.

The newest generation of task lights manufacturer Glamox Luxo flashlight works with light-emitting diodes (LED). This will save energy, have a long life, excellent light output and provide bright, warm light. Ergonomics also plays a major role, the LED work lights have an asymmetric light radiation.They can be placed at the side of the desk and direct the light anyway to where it needs the user, without being blinded or follow annoying reflections.

Light is an elixir of life. We need light to live and work. Light affects our mood and our motivation. And in company makes light a job only really ergonomically.