IDEC Guides Consumers about Toy Care

The company omitted to inform not Brazilian consumers about problems with Magnetix, marketed by her and whose components release magnetized and can be ingested or inhaled by children.

Recent reports show that toys are serious business. Several recalls, or warnings, made by Mattel scared Brazilian consumers. But a new episode, this time with toys imported by the Gulliver in Brazil, deserves even more attention: although aware of the problem and recall done in United States by accident account.

When questioned on the subject, the company’s commercial Director said in an interview with radio BandNews that the call was dropped because no accidents occurred in the country. And worse: the Gulliver from your site any information about defective products line.

For Idec, such a stance is contrary to various principles laid down by the consumer defense code (CDC), including the realization of the “recall”. The mechanism consists of communication about the dangerousness of product or services to consumers through advertisements, which are to be aired in the press, radio and television, at the expense of the supplier of the product or service. The disclosure must be broad and efficient, so as to convey to all affected consumers, clearly, what are the risks involved in the product, its causes, consequences, etc., in addition to the procedures necessary to Exchange or repair the product, or even cash back.

The situation prompted the Idec to send letters to the Department of consumer protection and Defence (DPDC), an agency of the Ministry of Justice responsible for coordination of the national consumer protection System (SNDC), and the National Institute of metrology, standardization and Industrial quality (Inmetro), requesting the necessary inquiries. According to information of these bodies, the company has been properly notified and must decide as soon as possible.

So that the consumer does not stay at the mercy of the recklessness of the company, Idec prepared some basic care that must be embraced by parents and guardians for children.

The purchase:

Check the seal of conformity of Inmetro. It ensures a higher level of safety of the product, even if not fully, as noted in the recent cases of recall.

Don’t buy toys in which the manufacturer cannot be identified or a free phone service to consumers, such as those sold by hawkers or shops for bargains.

Beware of toys containing small parts. They can stand out and be swallowed by children. Buy these products only for six years.

In use:

Do not leave children unattended, especially when you’re playing with products that contain small parts that can be swallowed.

If small parts or become loose magnets toys, collecting these pieces and keep them out of reach of children.

Report immediately any problems with the products-accidents, loose parts, possible injuries in children-manufacturers and Inmetro, for action to be taken. Any information in this regard is critical for appropriate measures to be taken quickly.

Inmetro, answering a demand of Idec, is coordinating the implementation of a monitoring system of consumer accidents. At the time, the body keeps on your Web page a consumer form register your case.
It is also important that parents keep in mind that sophisticated toys are not the only possibility for fun and education of children.