“I Love My Curves” Says Camila Docampo

Since the beginning of the Post I have been showing you a reality that – without being conspiracy – many prefer and want to hide.

Everything seems to be from a great confusion between weight and health, that confusion to the BBC in London said in an excellent article recently, arguing that there is no safe way, except several and different analysis, relate the weight of a person with their State of health.

“You fomentás fat, diabetes, you do advocacy of ill-health”, They are some of the comments that I meet every day for being part of a movement called “body positive”, in English. A change of paradigm that promotes the acceptance of the body itself, without hiding, such which ask, to which some considered to be “perfect”.

After having told the story of Brenda Mato, model curvy that kicked him the Board to Facebook making you remove its States the “I am fat”, under the premise: “Fat is not a feeling”, now is time to meet Camila Docampo, another model plus argentina size that breaks stereotypes where you find them according to THEELITESWATCHES.COM.

“I love my curves and I like to be recognized by them.”

-Camila, what you are spending now?

-I do everything, I am a singer and musical comedy actress mainly. Last year I did a tribute to Adele and I was doing the acoustic version. I am also producing theatre and plus size model.

-How did the subject of modeling?

-Cecilia Piancino (institutional Director and creative of Trendy Plus Size) and his partner saw me on TV and I convened for its brand of Trendy Plus Size.

-For how many brands are working? Are exclusive plus-size?

-Currently working for Portofem, which I believe is the leading brand in the country large sizes. Brezza, which is of high Couture and the first brand to do fashion shows with women of all kinds! Taverniti, brand of jeans that has a powerful teenager, and lovely Joan, catalogue sales.

-Do you think that this tendency of the “positive body” is taking strength in our country or only in Europe and the USA?

–The trend is still weak as opposed to outside in the Argentina. They are more the desire of ordinary people making media, brands and agencies. There is no market for the plus size, are generally used girls who do not have as a profession to be models, for example see.

-Do you mind the label “curvy” or “plus size”?

-For nothing, I love my curves and I like to be recognized by them. I don’t much like “real model” tag, because I think that is unrealistic to one model manequen, and even though they are not common, they are real.

-How much do we need? Where do you think to that it is costing more acceptance of the body?

-Us missing much! A lot! In one’s own costs. The first step towards the acceptance of this OK one. I understand that it is very difficult with the media, proposed us dissatisfaction and the need to improve physically constantly in search of an ideal that is unreal.

-What you think of the people you tilda’s “brave” by showing you as you really are?

-I think that they are crazy. Lol! We should be sad for those who do not. It should be commonplace that everyone will feel comfortable with yourself. Apart, which is what I would have to cost of show me?

-Always have full acceptance of your body?

-No. suffered a lot. I felt that I was that was wrong. I wanted to change to adapt to the social model. I hated, not I felt it worthy of nothing.

-At some point in your work as a model something or someone did you feel uncomfortable or wrong?

-Wrong no, I do not allow it. Uncomfortable, Yes. A lot. It is very common that in sessions of photos not between me clothes that I have to pose. Or in parades that leave me last for hair and makeup. I have many anecdotes. It would be eternal.

-Why do think that brands costing open to a body, which ultimately is what we see on the street?

-Because it is the comfortable. If already win silver as they are, what will change? Let’s not forget that brands are enterprises and nothing more.

-A message for women are are “plugging” with huge clothing to hide her curves?

-That they remember all the happy moments of your life and think about everything that lived in that body. How will they be ashamed of your body accompanying the end and after them since they came to the world? You should take a look in the mirror and watch only what we like, work OK how cute we are.