Huawei Announces That It Will Present a New Wearable during MWC 2015 Conference

Just two days ago I showed the first teasers that Huawei was trying to get the long teeth with new devices to be presented during the Mobile World Congress, and since then many have been the rumors that were trying to figure out which would be the news of the Chinese company.

Since last month he comes talking more that likely presentation a Huawei Mate 7 Compact of which we have already seen leaks of all colors, and also a possible new wearable to accompany a TalkBand B1, device It has to be confirmed by the own Huawei in his Twitter account.

Do you ever find yourself struggling to pick up a call when you have your hands tied? Stay tuned for #MWC2015 our site/kwtKBcWnQE

— Huawei Device (@HuaweiDevice) February 17, 2015

As we see in the tweet, It’s a smart watch of which we can already move details since it seems that you will have a finished plastic in various colors. Something not involving any novelty or anything substantially different from what we have seen him do other manufacturers.

Therefore, now the question is if the watch will be independent or not of our smartphone, and if together with the possible Mate 7 Compact will be the unique innovations that present the Chinese company during its March 1 event at Mobile World Congress.