HTC to Present a ‘Wearable’ at The CES in Las Vegas, But Not Be a Clock

Many months ago that HTC promised innovation and optimism to recover lost ground in the market, and although in the year 2014, the year of the wearables, has been very easy to expect a smart watch of Taiwanese, the truth is that at the moment still still waiting.

Its entry into the market for wearable devices is something which even HTC has confirmed, but always leaving in the air dates with an undefined “when the market is more mature”.

However, the wait seems that will end soon, as sources close to HTC wanted to confirm that during the first quarter of 2015 the company will launch its first wearable, It will also be a very different device to anyone they can find in its segment in the market.

This device would be the light at the CES in Las Vegas, just begin next year, but still would wait a few more weeks to arrive in stores, so at the moment we cannot confirm your dates.

What we do know is that will not be a smart watch, so it is likely that HTC filed some kind of intelligent wristwatch that quantify our daily activities.

We have been long time hearing about the Taiwanese wearables, but this time seems that it will be the charm for your landing. We’ll see where going HTC shots.