How to Wear White Shirt to Work

One of the most integral part of the wardrobe of women, in other words, there must be a white shirt. Often the best choice is strictly classic white blouse, which is suitable for the office to date. To learn how and what to wear white shirt and it will continue, because the possibilities are many.

It can be combined with just about anything. Unlike casual shirts featured on, white shirt can be worn with coarse black pencil skirt, in the office, and with the usual jeans for a walk with her boyfriend. If you want to create a strictly elegant way to the office, put it with strong dark skirt or vice versa, light blue or red. You can add a good belt, fasten all the buttons at the top or vice versa, to emphasize cleavage.

In this wear a white shirt if you want to create an image for each day? Combine it with all kinds of jeans! This year many fashion turquoise pants that fit perfectly with this shirt. And if you still storing it inside – will be the main fashion among friends. Classical female white shirt and perfectly accentuate the shape and waist and chest.
White shirt – beloved of fashion and designers.

Almost all designers present collections in the world this attribute wardrobe. These leading brands such as Kenzo, Balmain, Hermes never cease to please the eyes of fashion with new and new pictures clearly showing something to wear a white shirt. The most famous brand Ralph Lauren in their collections of women’s clothing for men using classic white shirts that fit perfectly in any way. It looks so stylish blouse with leather pants and evening skirt on the floor. This image is very sexy and very feminine. It can be worn with narrow pants with low waist, emphasizing clothing handsome leather belt.