How to Wear Samurai LED Watch

As already written on the subject, LED watches gained popularity in the last 2-3 years. Perhaps few people know, however, that the first LED watch was developed jointly by Hamilton Watch Company and Electro-Data, the name of the prototype is Pulsar. In 1970 Pulsar was made of 18-carat gold, its display is red and is sold for a price of 2,100 dollars, a lot of money for these times.

LED watches were popular several years, but due to the high price and the introduction of new technology liquid crystal displays began to lose popularity and almost not produced. That is until 1975 when the company Texas Instruments optimize the production of ice watches and sold them at absolutely affordable price from 20-30 dollars. These were little tidbits before you present a rather unusual model of LED watch commented on centralledwatch. 29 Blue Led’s clock that shows the time and date by 29 Led LED illuminated in blue. Corps clock is metal with a leather strap. Pressing the button for a few seconds LEDs light up ice and show you the hours, pressing the button you see the date and month of the year, there is an option to choose from among five levels of power of the diodes. As seen in the picture this model does not fit the standard clocks that show time by typing in numbers. This LED watch has me two major scales for displaying the data, which at first light confuses people who have not seen such a model so far, but in reality things are very simple and even a child in third grade can easily orient how hours after he explained the principle. This model is preferred mostly by young people but is worn by middle-aged people. Especially effective is in dark places such as bars and discos. You can order this 29 Blue Led clock is from the online store not need a credit or debit card payment is a courier, after making sure that everything is fine with your order.