How to Wear Leggings Fashion

Let’s face right: leggings are entered in our wardrobes. And not in the area ‘articles for sports’, but just in the door ‘good’. They are super cheap and branded, they offer in summer and winter and even though we 80s girls still call them leggings, now tell us named leggings. Yet we know that substance is the same, then how to match them and make them our allies by removing childhood trauma?

The leggings are not good at all

To begin with we will examine this controversial leader, how are we supposed to do for each garment, we analyze its characteristics according to our morphology. The leggings is practically a pantyhose very often: adheres perfectly to the leg and thus enhances the appearance. This means that if the legs are not our strength we can choose clothes much more donors.

The leggings are not good to those who have very skinny legs (Kung Fu Panda crane appear), who has Bandy-legged (much better black trousers), who has little legs, knees and calf harmonic proportions between the beginning of the thigh (for example those who have highly developed particularly prominent knees or calves). Paradoxically they’re better in what is a more flesh and proportionate, but it is obvious that if the effect becomes vacuum meat is well refrain: there are so many alternatives.

Leggings are not pants

What are leggings? In fact, little more than a panty hose. Warmer and more comfortable than a pair of tights 50den, but less structured than a skinny pants. The concept to keep in mind is that however are not printed pants, means that they need to be matched with a long top at least until mid thigh (and obviously depends on the thigh), possibly soft, even very large, ever snug (where we can go dressed as Cat Woman outside the disco?).

For this reason the leggings lend themselves well to overlays (leggings + skirt, leggings + length) to play with juxtapositions of fabrics and prints.

Leggings have the right length (and the wrong one)

Where should be trimmed leggings? Not exactly at the ankle. Should not cut off the leg and stop the movement, much better if they stay slightly longer and lie on the instep. Even better if they make a slight puff and some piegolina of redundant, as if they were a bit lunghetti. Or, maybe in the spring, which are short in one or two Palms from the imaginary line of the ankle.

Leggings have a color. At most two.

I mean let’s face it, the leggings by itself is not a garment particularly chic, so we try to dampen its aftertaste with a sober, dark and solid. Alternatively the lines always have their charm, choose an elegant combination: white and black, white and Tan, blue and gray.

Leggings can be chic?

Everything we wear separately, combined and handled with taste, can be chic, even leggings.

So, in summary, to be chic leggings should be matched with a top (a shirt, a vest, a t-shirt, a sweater, a cardigan) large and soft, but especially along. In a nutshell, my butt to not be shown and emphasized, although it is nice, firm and round. We pay attention to the length while avoiding the effect 80s to penguin, preferring a “capri” or more long and soft on the instep. Finally we firmly like the plague the neutral colors like pale pink, beige, greige and company: we’d look beyond repair.

You use the leggings?

That measures taken to get them out of the gym and put them in your everyday life?