How to Wear a White Shirt Ladies

It first appeared back in 1793, when Marie Antoinette posing for a portrait in white muslin dress and her dress caused a scandal. A century later the white shirt became a symbol of wealth because the immaculate white shirts with beautiful puffed-sleeves worn only women who do not work.

In the last century the white shirt was primarily cinema. Even before World War II, white shirts in his films bear Katharine Hepburn, Ava Gardner and Lauren Bacall. With the movie “Roman Holiday” Audrey Hepburn introduced the fashion of white shirts with rolled up sleeves and collar turned up. You may remember at least one scene with a white shirt “Nine and a half weeks,” “Pretty Woman” and “Pulp Fiction.” Symbolically hundredth issue of American Vogue comes with a picture of many girls in identical white shirts.
In no fashion designer, who has not left his mark on this garment. After the colorful ethnic fashion of the 70s, Vivienne Westwood started the next decade with a collection dedicated to the pirates and, accordingly, complete with white shirts. In the eighties the most famous white shirts are those of Gianfranco Ferre, with many retro elements, different in each collection, but always interesting, beautiful and elegant. True to the classic “male” pattern are Prada and Gaultier for Hermes. Japanese designers such as Junya Watanabe or Belgian Martin Margie offer all sorts of variations of white shirts that are more like objects of art.
In practice, the market is absolutely all varieties such as fabrics, patterns and colors. Just go for types of shirt fabrics. I myself have only a white shirt front is quite simple straight cut, and the back is completely transparent, long and tucks. I think it reflects well my controversial nature. In fashion there is hardly any less democratic garment that is always in fashion and allows women to show their mood and style with just one item in your wardrobe. The choice is yours!