How to Wash Your Bike

After long trips or getaways in the mountains or dirt roads must wash the bike. In addition, wash and dry all bicycle parts, in addition to lubricate the chain are things that will help keep the bike in good condition and prolong its life. Therefore it is recommended to wash frequently to end the mud or dust and prevent rust manner.


Ideally, wash it down with a pressure washer to remove all mud, dirt, dust or anything that may have the bicycle. In case of not having a hose can use a bucket of water on the table. When you’ve eliminated most of dirt, reviews the bicycle frame with a sponge and a little soap. Do not use another product as this may damage the enamel paint.

The tires

These must also be cleaned with soap, using a brush for easy access to all parts of the rim.


This is a vital part of the bicycle, so keep it in perfect condition is synonymous with good performance. Best to wash this part is to use an anti-fat and a small brush cleaner. This chemical is not in contact with the brakes, especially if they are disc.

The breaks

For the brakes, it is advisable not to use any soap or chemical. Use only a brush and water, so you have to rub enough.


Now that you’ve finished with the above steps we must remove all traces of soap and chemicals. We will use again the hose and some water.

Dry off

Already the bike is almost ready and like new! Now take a piece of cloth or towel and dry. It is best to dry from up and down. Start at the steering wheel through the seat, frame, wheels and chain. It is important that the bike is very dry, and in the case of brakes, tires or nuts, as they are parts that could rust.

Lubricate the chain and transmission

For the bike is completely ready is only lubricate the chain and transmission. For that uses a special bicycle chain oil. Pour a few drops on the chain, be sure that the rear wheel off the ground and turn the pedal. Repeat this process two or three times according to


Yes now! Already you have an impeccable bike and ready to continue the shot. But beware, it also reminds servicing a specialist at least every three months.