How to Wash Social Shirts

One of the biggest sins a man does, is to find that his shirt is not dirty, leaving it to wash from time to time. Do not do it!

Do not wait too long to wash your shirts, because depending on the dirt, the stains may not come out any more. Avoid wearing the shirt more than once, as the buildup of dirt and sweat also damage the fabric.

Before washing, they should be separated by color, never mix dark colors with white, wash them separately.

Preferably wash them in your hand, avoid putting them in the machine, as friction with other pieces of clothing can damage the structure of collars and cuffs. Too full machine can damage the fabrics of clothing according to Mbakecheng.Com.

Let’s see the best procedure to wash them.


Fill a basin, bucket or even tank with clean water, the amount will depend on the number of parts to be washed. It is important that the container used is also clean. Remember to separate dark and light.

Add the soap of your choice, if it is powdered, it is important to mix with your hands until the beans dissolve and start to froth, if it is liquid soap, just mix it with your hands, only then put the shirts of gravy.

Soap buildup can cause blemishes. Therefore use the amount indicated on the soap package label, which may vary according to the manufacturer.

Usually 1/2 American cup is enough for a tank full of clothes.

Soak for at most 2 hours, depending on how dirty the shirts are.

Collar and collar deserve attention because they are the places that get dirty most. Gently scrub these locations with your hands, avoid brushes or bushes, as their bristles can damage the fabric, deforming or wasting such places.

This step should be repeated with all shirts, one at a time.

Go squeezing the shirts lightly to remove excess water and soap and put in another bucket or bowl. It is not recommended to twist the pieces as this can also damage the fabric fibers and deform cuffs and collar.

When all the shirts are clean, it’s time to rinse.

Throw the water with the soap off and wash the bowl, put enough water to cover a shirt.

Take one shirt at a time and run through the clean water, gently squeezing out excess water.

If the water gets too much foam, throw it out and refill it with clean water and continue the process.

After all the shirts are free of soap, it’s time for the fabric softener.

Fill the basin or bucket again with clean water and put on the softener of your choice, there are many brands available and you will have to try some until you find out what your favorite brand and perfume. Read the label to know how much to use, never use it beyond recommended as this may damage the clothes or leave them with a bad smell.

Mix until dissolving the softener in the water and only after placing the pieces, normally 5 minutes of sauce is sufficient, remove the shirts and again tighten to remove excess water and softener.

Put the shirts on hangers, to make it easier at the time to pass and also not to deform them, hang the hanger on the clothesline, in the shade and expect to dry completely.