How to Wash a Shirt

Wash a shirt is in itself not complicated, but it is always good to remember the impact of different washing methods on the longevity of your favorite piece of cotton and buttons… to address the issue of the most puzzling tasks.

Machine wash

This is the solution of ease.

Remember to remove the whales, and close a few buttons so other clothes do not come to pressure the seams of the shirt in the machine.
Use a gentle program, which reduces the number of revolutions per minute of the drum, and wash at 30 or 40 ° C to preserve the cotton of your shirt.
If the shirt in question is white, you can grow a little temperature for cleaning is carried further.

Let the shirt dry on a hanger instead of the dryer.

Hand Washing

This is the best solution to ensure maximum longevity of men’s shirt.
It’s also the best solution if you have neither machine nor dry, on vacation or on a business trip for example.

It is also quite possible to wash a shirt in his hotel room, to the lukewarm water in a washbasin in which then pay some laundry (taken in single dose, no need to take can of Ariel …). Then rinse out with cold water (in the shower), hang out and call the front desk to ask if they have an iron. But do not open the naked maid!

Dry Wash

The pressing has 2 advantages: you do not bother your little arms, and you win a Tordable hanger in every way.
It is however a recurring cost which can become considerable, and the violence of cleaning done in the long run more harm than good to your folders.

Avoid it, unless it is specifically recommended on the label.

Wash Sweating Tasks

These beautiful yellow spots. The key is to clean them as soon as possible tasks, otherwise the heat of the washing / drying / ironing will literally print in cotton.
Forget bleach, which could set the tasks reacting with sweat. Mix 3/4 instead of baking soda with 1/4 water in a glass, and apply the paste with a toothbrush. Leave an hour and then wash the rest of the shirt. It seems that it also works with vodka and water!

And next time, wait a while after placing your deodorant to put your shirt… and especially change of deodorant! Take a preferably without aluminum chloride (yellow, it is he).
Try instead the alum stone, more natural and more fun than Mennen 148h ++ Extreme.

Wash the collar of a shirt

The neck is both the dirtiest part and most visible of the shirt. The inside collar is often marks a circle that looks like sweat. These are actually your dead skin cells therein are agglomerated by rubbing it. Lovely.

There are a multitude of grandma’s remedies to clean, here is our: treat the collar before washing the shirt by moistening a cloth and then a little cleaner with Marseille soap or shampoo. Rinse and wash you hitch up the rest of the shirt.