How to Use Wall Stickers

Using wall stickers is not only easy, but practical and a lot of fun to think about decorations. You do not need more than a few hours to apply the product and it leaves a lot less dirt(actually none) compared to painting walls or other coatings. There is no comparison to put pastilles on the wall with stickers. The second is much simpler.

But before you go into a store and go out buying wall sticker, you need to know that there are two types. The simplest is the decorative type, with designs and shapes to be applied with your wall. They are cheap and very simple to put, generally complementing a decoration.

Already the most complex are used to cover the entire wall, widely used in wooden houses. They are not yet popular in Brazil because race batts do not allow this, but they are still well used and with great costs and benefits.

In what places?

Speaking of inner wall lining, you can apply it anywhere. This is because the wallpaper is glued with adhesive, with little resistance to water. With this, your application is restricted to the interiors always. Applying on facades will lose the product as it will fade and loosen on a few days with rain and sun.

But if it is indoors, any place can receive wallpaper. But always with some care. In the kitchen, for example, the material should last less at high temperature and soil more easily because there is fat in the frying space. Already in the bathroom the humidity can be a serious impediment to your application. The indications are therefore more commonly seen in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. In the rooms are where they are most used.

Wall mural

You sure have seen a wall of color different from the others. This technique is dubbed by interior designers as mural wall, a central wall that will steal the attention of passers by the property. Generally the space is painted with a differentiated color of ceiling and sides, but nothing indicates that a wallpaper can not be applied to it. Why not? This differentiation is even fun because the wallpapers allow a differentiation of colors and designs that the best designers can not.

The wall wall rules are simple: they should contrast with each other and complement or play with the look of the upholstery and chairs and be present in at least one of the items in the living room. Example: wallpaper with colored stripes. One of the stripes is yellow and your upholstery can be white with yellow cushions. Ready, your project is set up!

The mural wall fits nicely into rooms and bedrooms, but should have a stronger color or a print to stand out from the others. It is usually used in the most visible place, such as the wall where the TV is located or the space where the bed is placed in the room. In the room divided by two brothers, would be the main wall of meeting between the two beds, usually the one facing the door. It is the same as choosing just one wall to apply a texture in the house.

Wallpaper for Baby Room: Practical and Functional

The designs of wallpaper prints are great for decorating baby and toddler room. You know why? When the child starts to grow he asks for another decoration and you will need to paint everything again. By removing properly and very carefully, your wall can be cleaned again just by taking out the wallpaper.

Drawings are simple to put with wallpaper. Achieving the same quality of freehand imaging is not easy with baby rooms, so it can be tricky to decorate the space. Applying on a flat wall you can create an entire forest in less than an afternoon. And as children’s rooms change a lot of theme according to age, obeying the advancement of the child’s maturity becomes easier with this product.

Play with the Visual of your Home

Have you seen decorative drawing wallpapers and how cool can they be? There is nothing simpler like them. Remove from cartouche and glue and give to play with the visual. Some imitate chandeliers, others are bedside-shaped and become a beautiful play with style to merge with boxes.

The loose stickers of only designs can decorate kitchens, toilets and even balconies. And as they are easy to remove, just pull when you get tired of the decor or find that it does not know more in that space. With very low cost, it is possible to change the style of your house.

How to Apply Simple Wall Sticker

First leave the surface clean with a damp cloth or sponge to remove dirt. The use of soap can help remove any fat that may be present. Make sure the wall is dry before you put the sticker on, or you will need to wait for the water to dry.

The wall sticker should be made on a smooth wall always, if possible even. The best, therefore, it may not look as nice on surfaces as porcelain, ceramic and tile. It can be placed, but it may be that between the joints of the stone give to see something of the bottom coat and the result does not look as nice as expected.

Place decal over desired wall position. To ensure the decal is even, a level can be used.

Slowly and gently pull the paper holder out of the decal shell. If you are having trouble removing the paper guard from the decal, moisten this part with water until it is slightly saturated. This allows the decal to get rid of the paper from the bottom, where your print is, more easily.