How to Use Pumpkin after Halloween

Who says Halloween says pumpkin, symbol of this festival celebrated every Halloween. If this is not a French tradition, linked to the Celtic culture, some see it as a fun opportunity to party. In this case, one obtains a sustainable pumpkin.

Sustainable pumpkin Jack O’Lantern

The party would be a derivative of the pagan festival of Samhain, celebrated in early fall by the Celts.

Is customary to cut a pumpkin to draw a character, and dig the cucurbit following the drawing to create the famous Jack O’Lantern, a symbol of the party, from an Irish legend. Then placed a candle inside, so as to create a disturbing atmosphere, especially by the jagged shadows and the general appearance of the lantern.

Then placed the lantern in front of the house, to signify the neighbors that Halloween party. We can put others in the home or garden to decorate.

Resolution: everything is good in the pumpkin, cook it!

Pumpkin is not just a decorative element, so throw inside to illuminate is heresy, knowing how much food waste is important in the world: one third of the production of food is thrown.

Several solutions exist then: you can choose not to dig all the pumpkins. Some can be decorated without opening them. One can choose to dig small pumpkins

No way to lose flesh and seeds, sources of vitamins and minerals. Choose organic pumpkin and prepare pies, soups, cakes or even pumpkin.
One can also choose, why not dig other gourds to vary: there are many varieties in France, and by region. Since the party is less codified in our country, why not after all. however be careful because some pumpkins are much more difficult to dig.

What of the pumpkin after Halloween?

You may use the leaves as part of the decor, filed around the pumpkins or even as padding for decorations. Enjoy this celebration to recover the dead leaves and pumpkin after use to make compost.

If you do not have composter, check with your municipality to see if it offers this service. The remains will go in the worst case in the green waste bin.