How to Style Office Wear

Tired of wearing the same clothes to work? Five pieces will give up missing from the your Office look and leave you a beautiful professional and stylish

Maxicolete to work: stylish and comfortable piece. I love!

Who said that only the Office look is synonymous with basic “social pants + shirt”? On the contrary! I think it’s possible, Yes, make even more conventional productions in outfits full of grace and style. And I say again: you only need one piece of tailoring to achieve modern and cool that both want to, without losing your image of professional and successful woman.

Don’t believe me? Separated five pieces that every woman that works out need to be in the closet, especially if the intention is to leave the Office without grace aside. Spy!

  1. Military
    The classic colors as in conventional Office look-like black, white, graphite, cream, and gray- gain heat when combined with military blazer. Well structured, this model of jacket (consider also the parkas and vests) give emphasis to the shoulders and the details of the buttons (always very evident) can change the production altogether.
  2. Pantacourt
    The Pantacourt pants is “temqueter” since the beginning of 2016. To make your Office look well balanced, combine this shorter pants model with very high heels, shirts or blouses more soltinhas. Finalize the production with modern accessories in vibrant tones, gold-or silver-plated. Looks great!
  1. White Blazer
    I love white! I think the color is modern and feminine and has the advantage of highlighting any skin tone or hair. That is why I think it is the white blazer a critical piece for anyone who wants to give an up in Office look. Combined with social pants, pantaloons or flare, or even with pencil skirts or godês, the white blazer back life to the more sober colors and highlights the production with great elegance and sophistication. Combined with denim shirts (if the corporate environment release!), the accessories will give the final touch to this classic look.
  1. Striped Pants
    Classic and timeless, the vertical stripes are perfect for anyone who wants to create a modern Office look and breaks to win some centimeters, since they have the power to elongate the silhouette. To use this play without making mistakes, opt for tops, basic t-shirts or heavier jackets. Feet, heels and squares are a good thing.
  1. Coat or Elongated Vest
    Both the coat, as the long vest are great ideas for those who want to leave the obvious and still seem high. Combined with a good pumps, then, is super stylish. Another hint of another is to match the tone of these pieces with the same color of pants or midiskirt. This makes your trick even more distant silhouette.

And there, ready to take your Office look of sameness?