How to Stay Warm in Winter

The icy Winter Is Coming.

So you guaranteed not freeze while coming stroll through the Christmas market and walks in the park, I hereinafter compiled a few simple tips for you.

So you bring socks, gloves, etc.  guaranteed frost-free through the upcoming holiday season!

I wish you at this point schonmal a good start in the most reflective of the four seasons and a cozy Christmas!

Socks Ensure Warm feet

Who does not know it? About the extremities is very rapidly lost body heat and so are frosty feet and hands to the everyday annoyances cold winter days. In this case you should at this sensitive body parts now particularly well be careful.

If you want to be on the road in the coming months warm foot, you should ensure that your wintery footwear a half to one size larger than your fails lightweight shoes.

The reason: The feet need enough space so that the air can circulate in the shoe.  This air layer is important because it serves as insulation, causing the body heat escapes more slowly through the material.

In addition, the extra space makes sure that her comfortable a pair of thick in shoes socks can wear. A tip: On particularly cold days it is recommended that even two pairs of socks to wear . The additional layer retains body heat and especially with new winter shoes it also reduces eventual bubble risk.

Special thermal inserts are a meaningful addition to the cozy socks on extra cold days. Also pays attention, not too tightly bind your sandals in the winter to not pinch off the air circulation in the shoe.

By the way: The currently very trendy boots and ankle boots with plateau or treaded sole are not only fashionable a good option, but also thermally the right choice. The extra-thick soles ensure that the body heat is distributed more slowly to the ground. In the hands as well as on the feet the motto is: More help more! Carry on chilly days so feel more than a pair of gloves. I myself like to Stülpe a few thick mittens on my leather gloves to prevent icy fingers.

Chubby Heat For Head And Body

The scalp is one of the best-perfused parts of the body. Since this part of the skin is very thin at the same time, goes here but also extremely fast heat lost. For this reason, you should never in winter without cap out of the house.

If you worry about your hair, there is a simple trick: Resets your warming companion always from back to front, while her pushes her fingers the hair upwards. In this way it reduces the risk of the infamous plate caps -Hairstyle.

A red nose and cheeks dry bows her best with a thick scarf against whom you wrapped several times around the head and neck. My tip: Selects a model made ​​of extra-soft merino wool to avoid inconvenient scratching.

The rest of your body do you think best in winter warm after the acclaimed onion principle.

This means: Carry on chilly days on each other at least three layers of clothes. The air between the layers acts insulating and it cools off much more slowly.

As the lowest layer I recommend refined underwear as these, in contrast to ordinary laundry significantly better thermal isolation.

A tight fitting undershirt and long underpants are required in icy temperatures.

As a second layer I advise you to wear wool or fleece and a thin windproof jacket. The final, top layer should always be water-resistant. So here Accesses by way of a long parka or a trendy Jacket. So dressed, you are prepared even in damp, cold sub-zero temperatures against wind and weather!