How to Select The Right Shirt Size

Between standards of different measures, errors of patronage, or strange suggestions of fashion magazines to find shirt size is not always simple.

To enlighten you, here are 5 markers to keep in mind: you will be sure to wear the right shirt size.

Shoulders seam must pass on the bone forming the point of the shoulder (to +/- 0.5 cm).

The neck: you need to pass two fingers on the side of being at ease. Less than two fingers you do not will endure closed all day, and there will be wrinkles under your necktie knot as men’s fashion.

Sleeves: the right  shirt sleeve length  is when arms along the body, unbuttoned they arrive just above the base of the thumb.

The torso under the arms you need to pinch about 2 cm of fabric on each side, and not be gen raising arms. Plus it’s too big and cause wrinkles less, the buttons will open at the slightest movement: it is too small.

Size: you need to pass the fist under the shirt, or pinch two centimeters of tissue.

The more detail:
Length: a shirt that you wear with a suit should arrive at least half of the buttocks. You are well on it so not your pants.

If your shirt meets all these criteria (6 actually) is that you wear the right shirt size; otherwise it may be time  to adjust your cut  with THE CHEMISEUR®!