How to Reuse Pillow Cases

If you find any old pillowcases that are no longer using because they wear or because you buy some new ones, don’t throw but recycle them creatively!
How? Here is some advice that you can follow to create something very unique and completely handmade.

– Shopping bag

A cloth shopping bag is always very helpful whether you’re at the market, to the supermarket to shop but also to transport something small. This is the “transformation” of your pillowcases easier ever, as it simply add the handles with the opening of the pillowcase and you’re done.

– Kitchen aprons

Another idea really simple to reuse old pillowcases cushions is to make aprons.
Basically the job is already ready with the pillowcase that will serve as the apron, with the sewing machine, add a ribbon in the top edge, which then will you use to tie it around your neck. Once finished you can decorate it with buttons, ribbons or whatever you want.

– Bearing anti-cervical arthritis
To achieve this bearing you must use of cherry pits, linseed or other materials as padding, placed in the old decorative pillowcases that you can close the open end by sewing with the sewing machine. These skin cooler bearings totally made by hand you can use both heated them both after they have cooled.