How to Replace Your LED Bulbs?

Currently, we are living in a time when the LED is increasingly dominating the market of lighting. In the future, it is expected that it predominates over the more traditional lamp types for offering a list of much greater advantages. Those who have decided to change the lighting implementing LED on your residence, business or industry need to have some previous knowledge about your operation to ensure the best results. It is important to understand that the LED needs less energy and provides more light, so at the time of the Exchange, will require less Watts of the traditional light bulb uses. Check out the table:

Why choose LED?

The models of old lamps, so well known, have no advantage that can be compared to the LED offers. It is much more efficient, giving a greater return to the user over time. You can see the difference from the first day the LED bulb is implemented in space, thanks to its benefits according to LIGHTINGHOWTO.


The LED has the ability to operate under different conditions. The cold or extreme heat do not affect your functionality, making it great for use in outdoor spaces.Internal environments also adapt very well to the LED, so we say that is a design flexible lighting, as it can be used in different types of project.


Toxic substances such as mercury, which damages the planet, are present in incandescent and fluorescent. With the LED, this is no longer a concern. Other factors also help to care for the environment, as your high durability, which prevents the Exchange constant, or your 100% recyclable material. Soon, he is the best option to contribute in building a greener future.


The energy required for the LED works, 80% is transformed into light, and only 20% is directed to other forms of energy generated by the lamp, as the heat. That means that, when the Bill comes at the end of the month, you will be paying much less, and will be charged only the true value of illumination.

The PD LED only works with LED bulbs that have a minimum of 80% efficiency, which ensures that you will be using a real quality product. Contact our consultants to plan your LED lighting project and take advantage of these and other advantages.