How to Remove Stains from Your Shirt

How can we completely remove the stains on a shirt? How to remove yellow stains under the armpits? These issues have a different response depending on the task. Attention in all cases, you must pay special attention if the task is present on a different fabrics of cotton (or synthetic) and you must test absolution on an unrelated area to ensure that the product does not the abyss tissue.

Fatty Tasks

Fatty tasks are certainly the most common tasks: sauce, fries… To remove them, the simplest is to wet the task as quickly as possible and rub with soap (liquid soap or detergent). The task should fade. Then it will still wash your shirt machine after ironing.

The Bloodstains

This part is not reserved for mafia or serial-killers but to Mr.-all-the-world that could cut and stain his shirt unfortunate. Know that the blood is very difficult to remove clothing. If the task is small, rinsing with cold water should be sufficient. Otherwise, always in cold water, you can add a little soap. Less is more!

The Wines Of Tasks

The first key point is to absorb a maximum of wine out of the fabric with paper towels for example. I mean, the back of the room that can also use coarse salt (which tends to capture the humidity). In phase two, we also use cold water and a little soap before the set machine. Feel free to soak up if the machine is not immediate. After invrusté wine, it becomes very difficult to remove!

The Yellow Stains Under The Armpits

For these traces, the simplest is to use vinegar white in a bath of 15 to 30 minutes prior to machine. I discovered other Ninja techniques to remove these traces. I will certainly do a dedicated ticket.

Finally, the ultimate weapon typically is the famous Vanish. The pub sells us the dream “(And the tasks vanish”) but having tested the product is effective. In addition, on their site, there are many  tricks against stains (link) so enjoy to stay always impeccable!