How to Refresh Old Shirts

You like to be original? Then perhaps you prefer to wear modern clothes and for which you are sure that no one else possesses.

Yes, but boutique accessories are too expensive to allow them frequently. So we can create their own unique clothing with little money and a lot of imagination.

Take an old, clean shirt and turn it into an amazing and unique favorite garment. How? With patience and dexterity.

If you have these two important virtues, we will deal with designer our challenge.

What do you need?

  • Old shirt in one color
  • Beads optional
  • Tailors hoop, which can pinch the fabric (hoop)
  • Threads
  • Scissors

Shape beads in the desired format. The photograph shows flowers in different versions. If you want you can do the same forms if you do not – several alternate.

Hold the fabric using a hoop to sew beads more precisely with these caring tips. Start sewn blooms at equal distances from one another.

If you experience difficulty to put ornaments on symmetric distance, use the line to advance to indicate exactly where to sew flowers.

The idea is easily accomplished. What requires more time and concentration is the preparation of flowers themselves.

Note: The flowers are formed in advance using a needle and thread.