How to Prepare for a Cycling Tour

Cycling is to conduct multi-day trips using bicycles as transportation. Mainly trips are carrying a lightweight camping equipment and food needed. However, output in cycling should not be taken lightly. It is very important to prepare the bike, luggage, route, and especially the body, before leaving for the adventure:

Plan your route

It is very important that you plan the route you want to do, taking into account the possible sites where you can spend the night, which are safe and do not put your life at risk. If you think a site is risky for camping, it is best to find accommodation.

You should also consider the estimated times each way, and the hours per day you intend pedaling. Maps are advised to check and verify information every 50 kilometers (or before).

Physically prepared

Now you decided what will be the route you plan to make cycling should start to prepare physically for this challenge. It is advised that at least 3 months before the trip inicies to roll at least 5 kilometers a day.

Monta equipment

Not that traveling alone is bad, but in large cruises are advised to have a small but valuable equipment with which, in addition to sharing the amazing experience, can support you in case of any mechanical, logistical, medical emergency or failure.

Choose or prepare the bike

You can use a road bike or mountain bike. You just have to adapt with the necessary equipment and especially  meet her!  Having knowledge of repair and entire toolkit that you will need to continue the journey.

The team should be distributed covering 2/3 of the weight of the load on the rear and 1/3 on the front. Remember that the load should be as close as possible to the wheel axles.

A good camping equipment

There is now much camping equipment resistant, lightweight and compact, ideal for cycling, such as  tent bike a two – person tent , of 3 stations and less than 2kg weight, you can buy for only 47 €. You should consider purchasing this type of equipment to avoid carrying too much weight. Remember protect all equipment against any possible rain that used bags thermoselladas seals and seams.

How much food to bring?

We go back to point one when trace the route must analyze these aspects. For example if you spent two totally isolated from all civilization days are advised to bring enough food for this until you can surtirte in the next store. They recommend taking nutritious food but does not take up too much space, such as cereal bars or cans of tuna.

The same applies to the water, although it will be easier to find a river to hydrate. Why else is not know drinkable water of nature.

A good time to ride

When the journey is quite long, it is best to start the shot from very early to take advantage of the morning and good climate and avoid the heat and traffic. It would not hurt to bring forth a pair of walkie-talkie radios to keep you communicated at all times.

Let flow your wits

If you are presented with any incident, it is best to let your talent flow to improvise with any obstacle.

Remember to care for nature for all your journeys.

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