How to Make Leather Cowboy Chaps

Shapely chaps not only for Cowboys

Chaps are originally, just described, trousers without substance for the buttocks. Chaps are a workwear, mainly that their functioning was to protect the legs of the wearer against injury at work on a farm and were for cowboys. Probably, the pioneers of America have adopted the idea of this piece of clothing from the Indians had chaps in a slightly modified form. If you chaps are not worn for fashion purposes, they are made of leather. So-called chaps can be worn by the rider which are regarded as substitute for boots. They were introduced by English riders. These chaps can be purchased from leather and fabric with special leather trim. The chaps are often worn with Jodhpur boots, named after an Indian city. To the Jodhpur boots, breeches with a full trim fit perfectly. These breeches also allows to avoid because the full seat ensures a secure hold in the saddle chaps.

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Many chaps for riding

As of chaps, German breeches called, refers to the trousers of a rider. This is buttocks-free trousers, which were previously mainly worn by Cowboys. You ask yourself, why buttocks-free slacks? These leather chaps can chaps over the actual trousers be worn and guarantee a fall, security and a lower risk of injury. Chaps are made of leather and thus a solid material that catches crashes and accidents and minimize the risk of injury. There are a variety of chaps, which vary in length and style. One but all have in common, a security standard that ensures the protected places before injury.

While in the North the narrow shotguns carried, the Texans prefer the wide-cut, open Batwings. In California, they are called chinks and range to just under the knee. They protect the legs and trousers from thorn bushes and other injuries. Today, chaps are worn not only in sports, even when some workers, for example, forest workers, they find application. Great chaps enjoy popularity in the rocker – and gay scene, where they serve only a stylish effect without deeper meaning. Chaps are absolutely striking and on top of that even practically, if you want to stand on the special and minimize your risk of injury, you opt for chaps.