How to Make a Scrapbook with Stickers

Vinyl stickers and washi tape: with these two materials I will show you how I did my new  scrapbook  in the kitchen, for those temporary notes with messages that I always stubbornly forget. 

The  washi tape  is the all-decorated, fluffy, fashionable, cool and interesting adhesive tape that has appeared in craft projects lately. We shop in good craft stores and we always find composite options, which is exactly what I’m going to use today.

The  vinyl adhesive  is from Con-Tact, which has a special product for the”Write-Off”of the message boards. I found it cool because I put my new frame on the side of the refrigerator, which is right in the passage from the living room to the kitchen. But it is also cool to stick on the wall, and the little secret I use can be used on almost all surfaces. You check later.

The material is a piece of Write&Erase type adhesive. Pay attention: It is not the white sticker, it is the proper for this function. If buying wrong is not going to work.

And also two rolls of washi tape in compound for the picture frame.

I used the cut tabs on the back of the sticker to cut the base of my frame.

I opted for a size of about A4, 23x30cm. But you can do much better if you prefer.

Mark the height of the frame, just be careful not to leave too high.

To mark the second point and draw a line, I used a level. It is worth remembering that it is not always possible to take as a basis the top line of the refrigerator.

With this line I position the adhesive very close to our eyes.

Now my secret to glue the sticker without bubbles and without mistake: water with detergent. And with plenty of detergent.

Spray and soak the surface thoroughly.

Remove the film from the adhesive quickly. Remove completely.

Position the adhesive on the surface exactly on the detergent you applied. Put the entire sticker on and you will see that it glides freely.

That’s the secret. The detergent prevents the adhesive from gluing immediately, so you can position it well before finalizing.

Now, very carefully not to move the adhesive, wipe a soft cloth from the center out and remove the water with detergent that is behind the adhesive.

At the same time remove the air bubbles, smoothing gently. Then just wait a while to dry completely, before using.

With this tip you can apply any type of adhesive on virtually all surfaces. I already applied even on a wooden top, and it is perfect, without any bubbles and without problems of making mistakes when gluing. Try that you too will approve.


The washi tape is very simple: you glue exactly as glue any tape.

I left a border between the sticker and the washi tape, to give the frame look.

Do it all the way around.

Then I glued the second washi tape, with the composite print of the first.

I also left a border between them, as you can see in the photo.

I used a little scissors to trim the excesses of the tips.

You can see that the washi tape is transparent and the overlap is apparent. I preferred to explore this detail, but you can cut close tightly and avoid if you prefer.

And to write? Do not forget that you will also need a whiteboard pen that is easy to turn off.

To attach it to my refrigerator I am going to use a magnet I bought at craft supplies stores.

The pen is also easy to find. Mine is Compactor.

A pinch of quick glue on the magnet, I placed it on the pen, and that’s it.

Actually, I used two little pieces to get firmer.

At stationers you also buy an adhesive holder to attach your pen if you go and make your picture on the wall.

Ready, let’s test.

Write a message…….

…….. and erase the wrong text.

It works perfectly!!!!

Stick the pen close to the board, to be handy!!!

Ready, tested and approved message board.

And every message board asks for a little cake, he he he!!!!

So let’s give some more touches and show that in this house lives an artisan!!!!

Fabric flowers, wooden dolls, prints, photos. Explore more of this space.

And that’s it. This is my new message board, and you know what?

The good thing is that when I get sick, I can remove the stickers without worry, clean the side of the refrigerator and invent a new message board for my kitchen.

How to remove stickers? Yes, I have: use your hair dryer. It works!!!

Option to replace washi tape? Colored insulation tape or scrap marks from other vinyl adhesives. You can invent a lot of fashion with this material.

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