How to Iron Your Shirt Fast

Ironing clothes is one of the tasks that men dread, but do not worry even if it seems too complicated, we’ll show you as ironing a shirt is easier than it seems!

Some types of fabrics may require special attention, but other than that, the ironing method applies to all folders.

You can iron a shirt in less than 5 minutes. How? We will give you tips for an effective and fast results. If you do not really know how to iron a shirt, here’s your primer. And if you are very adept at this chore, you’ll probably find some tips that you never thought of before.

So let’s start by talking labor tools:

What you need :

-A clean iron (rust free and without limestone, otherwise your farewell nice shirt!)

-An ironing board: they are specially designed to make ironing easier, but more than that, they are wrapped in a special material that is not only flame retardant, but also promotes breathing so that the steam is able to pass through the shirt you press.

-A little water, preferably in a spray bottle

How to do ?

First you must carefully read the label of the shirt. You need to know the type of fabric of your shirt to be able to adjust your iron at the right temperature.

It is best to start with the collar of the shirt, make sure to open it and lay it flat. Then move to the shoulders. Continue with the wrist, s open and lay them flat (Never iron buttons).Step back later to the sleeves. It only remains for you that the edges of buttonholes and the lead and eventually you will board the back of your shirt.

Finally, let the shirt hanging for several minutes to cool completely.

You tried, but you still have trouble? You are in doubt about the type of the fabric of your shirt? Do not take risk damaging it because you can! some silk shirts or wool are difficult to board and require great vigilance! In such cases you can always outsource the ironing your shirts to a professional, our partner Ménage à 3 will be happy to serve you!

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