How to Install USB Hubs

USB-hub is called a device that allows you to connect simultaneously to a single port on the standard multiple devices.

Although this center and cheap, there is a way to get it and do almost anything.


1. Visit one of the shops where angazhiraniremont computer monitors. There are loads built-in USB-hub neispravnovo monitor. In fact, such a charge – and there is ready hub, but without housing. Even if the monitor is fully in line hub failure on board are usually not affected.

2. Purchasing a cable with a 4-port USB 3.0 for connection to the motherboard of the computer and the other – USB-plug of square section adapted to connect to a scanner or printer.

3. See contacts on board the hub, calculated vazsvarzhete external power supply. Get the power of Play Station Portable game console or similar stabilized output voltage of 5 V, for use maximum current of 2 A. Connect it to the terminals on the board polarity.

4. Try finding board pads designed to be welded to the LED. If they are soldered to the board polarity, the LED to the desired color. Sometimes lacking and resistor for LED – and then solder. The resistance of the resistor must be close to one kilogram.

5. Installing the card in any suitable razmerplastmasov housing. It pre-cut holes for connectors and LEDs. Secure the card body with the help of their mounting holes. To do this, apply screws, nuts and shelves made from old pens.

6. Collected hub, connect the cable to your computer. Turn on the power. Continue using the device. Never connect two devices, the total power consumption of which (not continuously, but only starting) is greater than that for which designed the power supply. In all cases, do not even attempt to remove briefly hub nest more than 500 mA.