How to Install Towel Bar on Glass Shower Door

Towel bar as a hanging option for your bathroom textiles

Exists in the different colors and shapes, and although you do not or rarely talks about them, they are using the most important utensil in the bathroom and in the kitchen: the towel bar. In addition to the actual task, to keep the towel, he has long since become a fashionable accessory in the domestic home. There is it in elaborate fantasy form or simple metal optics. What is your bathroom? What towel bar would suit to your bathroom?

Fastened the towel from our offer usually with screws and dowels. We have however also models that make a solid connection with the wall with modern bonding techniques. Glue instead of drilling is also towel – this is first a bracket attached with an adhesive to the wall and then engaged the actual towel bar into the bracket. The special is on them their function. While towels on simple hook can often not properly dry, hang them relatively free of towel and get from all sides of air. This prevents a harmful mold! We have many models – also you visually enhance your bathroom!