How to Have Full Healthy Hair

Dreams bodied hair? Before you give in to the extension by a fold all new to your hair routine. With our tip doubling in a second texture
You are a balanced person with a great self-control, but when you see on the telly the hair of Lana Del Rey and immediately after the video of Beyoncé to the entire head of hair in concert (with a fan) will jump the nerves. But where they find all this volume and those drums that seem polished one by one? Your hair in the mirror, even after the redesign, in comparison, seems always a Vileda mop wrung! The truth is that the texture or thickness of the hair, is a genetic factor linked to DNA and ethnicity.

The texture is the quality of the hair material: useless accanirti with hair dryer and brush, brushing the anarchist is likely to make the hair even more off, flat and vulnerable. Healthy hair, even those thin, resistant to bending and have a lustrous patina. But if you do not respond to the expectations? Increases strength with supplements.

They help a lot those based on cystine and lysine, mixed with omega 3 and taurine. Of course, the result is not immediate, it takes at least 3-6 months to feel between your fingers more crisp and thick hair.

Another key step is the hairdressing scissors: the movement and volume, in fact, depend on the direction of growth of your hair. Cutting techniques aim to create texture optically overlapped with scaling and lightened locks. Better if combined with chemical treatments like relaxing to soften curls and roses, or undulations reading to lift the roots. To give you an idea, the perfect volume is to Kate Middleton, who wants his hairstylist an elastic bending that moves to the beat of his every step.

Customized color = virtual mass effect. There is no need to upset your base color, it is enough to intervene with threads of contrasting light, lightening the basis or only on a few strands of optically to create patches of light that are reflected in the areas of shadow (waves, curls and bandanas). Kim Kardashian, who went from brown to “bronde” has no doubts: “The sexiest color enhances your natural shade. If you are dark or red does not make you blonde, you sembreresti true jewel as a phony.”

Styling salt is the tip is Enrico Mariotti, hairstylist and Pantene ambassador: “compound in a vaporizer spray 10g of salt with 200ml of hot water, shake well and vaporizes damp hair. Now dry them upside down modeling them with your fingers. XL mass effect ensured. “