How to Get Rid of Freckles with Makeup

You are the team of freckles who hate these dots and now and spend a long time trying to hide them with makeup?

That the freckles are in fashion, yes, they are.

These charming little marks are the target of natural set sand you have no idea, and redheads may consider on top of the trends.

OK, but who was not born a redhead or pintadinha? Ah … in that case simply appeal to a… makeup for freckles! Yes, you read that right, is that the freckles are so high that even invented a pencil to simulate them.

So, actually, it all started on the catwalks of Paul Smith, who left the show the natural skin models, which paraded their freckles without fear of being happy, and how to iron a clean face, natural beauty, easygoing and confident, just pleasing in full.

Result? Now, who has freckles wants to show and who does not … want to have!

And so, with all that success of dots, already exists until a special pencil to make the makeup of freckles, as it is, so if you have sardines, nothing more than keep trying to hide this feature super charming, her trademark, and if you do not own, from now you can have your own sardines, simply appeal to this pencil that has the color and texture of the freckles.

The trick is to use the thicker end of the pencil so that they are made with the design flawed, just like the real ones, and the pencil must be lighter than the color of the brow, then just choose strategic points such as nose and cheeks, as well at the time of the cheekbones, and then running your fingers lightly and apply a little powder to ensure the natural look of the makeup of freckles.

Yeah, who knew they would end up turning makeup? The designers at Whitehallmakeup are already drawing freckles on the skin of the models as part of the look, but you can also join this fashion and rock this natural style. I just don’t! See step by step how to do the makeup for freckles:

Freckle Makeup Step by Step

  • First, apply abase light on the skin, to take only the natural redness of the skin.
  • With a Brown pencil, if you don’t have the freckles, can be the eyebrows, make some little marks in the part where the Sun would leave freckles, but be careful not to overdo it and look like you’re ready for square dancing. The trick is to stay, almost imperceptible, so that the result be more real.
  • Then, press, take, my finger on the brand made with pencil and let the warmth of the skin give a more natural effect to paint.
  • So, fake freckles cover with a thin layer ofblush in peach
  • Finally, apply a makeup fixer spray to hold everything in place (and hope it doesn’t rain!).

So what do you think of this new trend?

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