How to Fold Shirts

Not everyone likes to do their homework. There are those that we can even do, but there are some that even paying you do not accept.Folding clothes, for example, is a task that is not very enjoyable. Of course there are those people who like to do this service. However, the rest even tries, but there is always a difficulty to complete the service.

Leaving the suitcase or your organized wardrobe is a good choice.But to do this, you need to fold your clothes properly. Besides leaving both places well organized, more space will be left for the other objects according to Healthvv.Com.

The tips below is for you who tries and can not bend the shirts.Learn how to perform this service in a matter of minutes now.

First, put in a corner all the shirts that will be folded. Then, separate all the shirts by color, of course, if you prefer. Then get a T-shirt and let her back face you.

With both hands, take the bottom and take it to the top. After that, turn the sleeves in. When you complete this step, you will have a rectangle.

Now you have to choose a side. The side you have chosen will have to be turned inward until it reaches the collar. Turn the other side and place it over the other. Notice that the shirt has become another rectangle.

Finally, just bring the bottom up, folding in half. Notice that it was a little square. To keep the shirt in the suitcase or wardrobe, just turn the shirt. Ready, you can put it away. Now, there’s plenty of space left in your closet. Can believe.

The above tips are for those soccer jerseys and others in the segment. The worst to be bent are called a social shirt. These have a medium difficulty. Taking advantage of the opportunity, this article will give you some basic tips for folding social shirt.

Before we start, pick up a piece of cardboard or a magazine. Put the shirt on a table, with the sleeves open. Take the cardboard or the magazine and center it in the center, just below the collar.

Fold the first half of the shirt and then fold the sleeve. This same procedure should be done with the other half of the shirt. The second sleeve should also be folded. Then fold it!

Then just fold the bottom. And finally, give one more fold for the shirt to be compact. Okay, the social shirt is doubled and ready to be put away.