How to Fish Shallow Reefs

Reefs and boulder outcroppings can be ideal for feeding fish. Depending on what time of year you fishing, and for what are angling for, you can see plenty of fish in outcroppings. Smaller fish tend to stay in shallow water, while larger fish, such as deep field of oceans, lakes and rivers. Fish also looking deep water cooler in the summer and swim in shallow water in the cooler months.

Things you need: 
Fishing float

Show more instructions:

Anchor your boat about 30 feet on the side of disclosure. If you’re near shore, anchor another 10 meters from the ground. Cast your bait, so to land along revelation. Let sink for a few seconds and then reel it in slowly.

Troll your bait behind a slow moving boat, about 5 miles per hour. Jump on the ledge, then turn your boat around and pass the ledge again and again.

Stand on the ledge and drop the bait in the water. Let it sink to the bottom. Reel him for two legs after the handle jig rod up and down.

Sit on the discovery and put the float three feet away from your bait him weaving in fishing line. Drop the bait and it floats in water, then sit and wait.