How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress

Wedding advice – whether Princess or Greek goddess – every woman has an idea of her own wedding dress. We talked with an expert about the latest trends and how to find the perfect outfit.

The perfect wedding dress

Already as a little girl we imagine, how it should be, our wedding dress: a wish for the most beautiful day in the life of glitter, shine and glamorous gowns with bauschigem rock. the other a traditional cut flowing silk dress. The tastes are so different, the trends from year to year change. What begins in 2013 in bridal fashion stores h, what always goes and how to find the perfect dress has us Sylke betrayed husband wedding expert and Managing Director of :

And what cuts are subject to no trend and virtually always go?
The A line for example: a form-fitting bodice waist seamless combined with a rock issued in little. Or also the Empire style; These are dresses from light fabrics, where the top directly under the breast ends and the rock flows from then on narrow and simple. The Mermaid style has evolved into a classic: Engangliegend issued by the upper part of the thighs and from then on.

Which of these cuts highlights what are the benefits?
The A-line is suitable for each figure, the easily issued skirt detracts from the typical problem areas and stretches the body. However, the mermaid form is only for slim brides. The floor-length Variant of the Empire style is suitable especially for tall women, the shorter variant for small brides. As a general rule: lush employee out skirts decrease.

Spoilt for choice

And how many appointments are necessary?
2-3 fittings are usually sufficient for your dream dress. Schedule here also same with the search after the matching accessories such as veils, shoes, garter belt.

When is the right time for the wedding dress search or purchase?
No later than six months before, as delivery times of individual models of four months are quite common.

How many people should I take?
Take no more than two close confidante – otherwise have too many opinions and consultation with the professional women in business is too short.

How much budget should I allow in about for my wedding dress?
Expect a dress the famous brands with between 800-1,500 euros. Upwards as usual are no limits. Of course, there are also simpler and cheaper models from the Department store or the online mail order.

Must dress at a church marriage meet certain requirements or as may in no case be?
The bride wants to be the radiant Center of celebration, so a certain amount of elegance and festivity goes without saying. Everything you like is certainly allowed. According to WeddinginfashioN, a church wedding should be abandoned too daring fashion trends: revealing snippets or even belly-free two-parter are then no-go’s.